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Conduct & Reassessment Procedures

Collierville Elementary School Kindergarten Conduct Procedures

  • There are two possible letter grades for conduct- S (Satisfactory) and N (Needs Improvement).
  • If a student earns 5 or more behavior reminders in a particular social skill in a nine-week period they will receive an N in that skill for their report card.

Collierville Elementary School Conduct Grade Procedures

  • There are three possible letter grades for conduct- E (Excellent), S (Successful), and N (Needs Improvement).
  • Everyone starts out at an S for Successful.
  • If a student earns no minors in a 9-week period they will have earned an E.
  • If a student earns one to three minors in a 9-week period they will have earned an S.
  • If a student earns four or more minors in a 9-week period they will have earned an N.
  • If a child who has earned the conducting score of an N goes a week without earning a minor he or she will erase one minor that they previously earned until they are back at S.
  • If a student earns an out-of-school suspension they will have earned an N.

Collierville Elementary School Reassessment Procedures

  • A redo will only be allowed for ELA and Math.
  • Those who score 59 or below on a test in grades (K-2), or summative assessment (3-5) will be given the -Request to Redo form to complete.
  • Those who score a 61 or above on any graded assignment (K-2), or a summative assessment (3-5) will need to ask the teacher for a Request to Redo from the day after the graded assignment is sent home. This request must be made in writing, preferably through email.
  • Reteaching by a teacher must occur before a redo is offered for those who score 60 or below.
  • Only one redo per graded assignment or summative assessment.
  • The new grade will replace the original score if it is higher.
  • The redo will be in the same format as the original grade but will have different questions and/or tasks.
  • Specific steps must be taken by the student, parent, and teachers prior to a redo. A sheet outlining these steps will be sent home and signed by all parties. Once the outlined steps have been completed, a redo will be provided. -This sheet is required.
  • Students have a maximum of five school days after an assignment/assessment is returned to complete the steps required for a redo to be given.
  • Teachers will add comments concerning redos to PowerSchool.
  • A score of 50 is the lowest grade that will be entered into the gradebook for a child.