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  • 1:11 Volcano Science Project

    The Masterminds concluded that more baking soda makes for a more violent eruption.

    Uploaded Mar 02, 2019by Toni McCray
  • 00:51 Family Escape Room Night: Spy School

    See if you have what it takes to be a spy and escape our room with your family!
    Friday Night February 1st!
    All monies raised go to support the Digital Dragons Robotics Team and STEM lab!
    Sign up at

    Uploaded Jan 17, 2019by Tracy James
  • 1:02 Grinch Holiday Play & Party Recap

    Uploaded Dec 27, 2018by Toni McCray
  • 00:37 Batter Up

    Batter Up – You are trying to strike out the batter. You must successfully throw 3 balls through the “strike zone” to get your batter out. Ball outside the “strike zone” are ruled a ball. 4 balls and the batter walks. If a ball hits the “strike zone”, it counts as a foul ball. Your turn is over when you either strike out the batter or walk the batter.

    Uploaded Nov 01, 2018
  • CES Welcomes Ms. McCray

    Uploaded Jul 21, 2018by Toni McCray

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