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Reading is the foundation of learning. It will be my goal to develop this critical component of your student's skill set this year! My formal training includes a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Boston University and a Master's of Education with Distinction from Hofstra University with a concentration in Inclusive Education. I hold a Dual Certification in Special Education and General Education. Resource/Co-Teacher is the ideal job for me!

The Maxim's relocated to Collierville, TN from Long Island, NY late July, 2013. This is our fifth year as residents of the Ville and my third year teaching at CES. We enjoy being part of this wonderful community.

Try to make time in your schedule to read to your child everyday.  Children love to be read to, even in upper elementary and middle school.  Reading aloud is extremely beneficial to your child.  Pick out a chapter book or a magazine together at the public library. You don't have to read for hours - 15 or 20 minutes consistently. You can read just a few pages or one article daily. If you would like some suggestions for age appropriate reading materials, questions or concerns, please contact me. My email is and the school phone number is 853-3300.