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Welcome students and parents! I am so excited to be your child's 4th grade teacher this year! This is my 3rd year at Collierville Elementary, and I am looking forward to working with all of my sweet students! This is my 18th year of teaching. I was previously a 4th grade teacher in Shelby County Schools and Tuscaloosa City Schools. On this site you will find helpful information about our schedule and assignments. Please feel free to contact me by sending a note with your child, leaving a message with the school office, or by e-mail: I can usually respond the quickest to e-mail. I look forward to a fabulous 2017-18 school year!

A little About Me.......
Collierville is my home, and I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to teach in the community I went to school. I have a 14 year old son, Nathan, who is in 9th grade at Collierville High School. He certainly keeps me busy, but I would't trade it for the world. I have 3 kittens, Molly, Max, and Lucy. They are always so much fun! I love sports, especially Alabama Football! This is my favorite time of the year! Roll Tide!!!

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Social Studies Weekly Website and Login Information

Username: (first name and last name followed by 1) Example: Stefaniesimpson1
Password: (first name and 1) Stefanie1
We are on Week 22. They will have a quick check tomorrow on Week 22.  They are able to use their Social Studies Weekly. 

March 5-9

In class this week:
ELA: Informational Writing: Students will write an informative essay comparing and contrasting Red Pandas vs Giant Pandas.
Social Studies: Articles of Confederation: Students will identify the weaknesses of the Articles of the Confederation. 

February 5-9 Weekly Update

  • ELA: We are working on writing opinion essays.  The students have a homework assignment for the week.  This OREO organizer and four paragraph essay is due Friday.  We are working on essay writing daily.  The students will have an opinion essay that is for a grade next week.  If you have any questions regarding the essay please email me.  I am happy to help in anyway!!  We are also on chapter 9 in our novel, Toliver’s Secret.  We are reading the novel in class, discussing, and completing the reflection questions.  There will be information on a book report for Toliver’s Secret coming home this week.  I have no doubt that the students will have so much fun with this assignment! Ask them questions about the story, and how does it relate to what we are learning in Social Studies.   Most grades for this quarter are coming from our novel and from essay writing.  
  • Social Studies: We are have made it to the battles of the American Revolution!!  We will be covering the battles and the important people over the next two weeks.  We will have an assessment towards the end  of next week.  The date is on their monthly calendar.  

January 22-26 ELA/SS

What 's happening this week?  
  • Causes of the American Revolution quiz: January 26th
  • We have been reading Toliver's Secret, and we will have a quiz on Chapter 1-3 on Wednesday.  This is an in-class novel. (It is available on YouTube to listen to, if they need to reread the chapter.)
  • We are going to be writing EVERYDAY!!!  We are beginning with Opinion writing.  I will be posting some resources that you can use at home that will reinforce what we are working on in class.  Please encourage your child to put forth their best effort.  
  • I will be sending home some comprehension practice that your child can work on.  This will include a variety of skills that they will be required to apply on TN Ready in April.  

What we are learning this week: January 4-12

Good evening!! We will be starting off strong going into the second semester!  We are halfway to 5th grade, and we have a lot to cover and learn along the way!!
Language Arts:  Standard RI 4.6 Students will compare and contrast firsthand and secondhand accounts of the same event.  Quick check: January 12th
We will also begin the novel, "Toliver's Secret" on Monday, January 8th.
Social Studies: We will begin the "Road to the Revolution." We will start off with the various taxes that the British inflicted on the colonists: Sugar Art, Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, Tea Act, and Boston Tea Party.  
I will be posting extra practice for the ELA standard.  Coming soon!!  
This will be an exciting semester!!  Encourage your students to give their best each and everyday!!  

Thank you and Happy New Year!!!!

Good Evening!!!  
I hope everyone has had a wonderful winter break filled with special memories with family and friends!!  As much as I have loved spending quality time with my son, Nathan, I have surely missed my sweet 4th graders!!  I am so excited to see them and hear about the exciting things they experienced over the break! 
I also want to send a very special and heartfelt thank you for all the wonderful gifts that I received from my sweet babies! You all really made my day and made me feel appreciated! I thank you for the gift cards, handmade ornaments and cards, candles, bags, crafts, and many more!  I loved them all!! You know me so well!!  :) 
A BIG thank you to the parents that attended and contributed towards the holiday party!  It was a wonderful success!!  I will be posting pictures soon!!
Cannot wait to see you tomorrow!!!
Much love,