Lunch Visitors

Our school welcomes you to join your child for lunch as well as participate in fun classroom activities scheduled by your child’s teacher. To ensure a smooth transition from summertime to school time, lunchroom visits will begin after Labor Day. After Labor Day, each family may enjoy 5 lunchroom visits per semester with each child (parents of Kindergarten students may enjoy 10 lunchroom visits the first semester and 5 lunchroom visits the second semester). This ensures a safe and manageable cafeteria environment for all. Parents who volunteer may earn additional lunchroom visits (please contact the PTA Volunteer Coordinator for details).  



When visiting your child for lunch, we ask that you follow the guidelines below:

  •       Support the ‘3 R’s’: Please help reinforce our school-wide rules while visiting with your child. Being ready, respectful and responsible in the cafeteria includes using quiet voices, staying seated, using good manners and cleaning up your own area after eating;
  •       Please encourage your child to make all of his/her lunch selections while in line with his/her class. After the class has been through the lunch line, we must prepare for the next class; therefore, students are not permitted to return to the line for additional selections after lunch service has concluded;
  •       Please say your goodbyes with your child when the announcement is made to begin packing up, not when students are lining up with their classes. This will help prepare your child for your exit and ensure a smooth transition back to the classroom;
  •       Please reserve conversations with teachers for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Teachers are happy to schedule a conference whenever a concern arises, but in the cafeteria, they are focused on transitioning students from lunch to the classroom;
  •       Please be mindful of student confidentiality. If you take a picture in the cafeteria, you must ensure that no other students are visible in the frame. Obviously, this is difficult with so many students in the cafeteria at once, so please be mindful;
  •       Due to limited space at the parent tables, we ask that you enjoy lunch with your child only; please don’t invite friends to join.
 To expidite this procedure, feel free to use the lunch sign-up link below the morning of your lunch visit.