New Gym and Car Line Changes

Good afternoon, Little Dragon family! I hope you are all having a wonderful Spring Break. After you return, you will see some new and exciting changes taking place in the back of our building.


As a result of the age and repair costs our current gym requires, our School Board recently voted to build our school a new, state of the art gym! The new gym will be located behind the cafeteria and will include a stage, which is something we have needed for a long time. I’ve attached a document with some pictures of what the completed gym will look like.


Construction is set to begin soon, and they will be fencing off part of our back parking lot. Once this happens, we will need to make some small changes to our car line. It will still run the same way in the same parking lot but will turn before it did previously. We will utilize cones and caution tape to help everyone get used to the new way we’ll be doing arrival and dismissal.  I’ve attached an overhead map to help you visualize this.


Completion for the new gym should be around Thanksgiving 2021! Our hope is that we will be able to have a large Holiday program in the gym for all parents and families. We will continue to utilize our current gym for PE until the new one is built, at which time our current gym will be removed, providing more space for our students to play during recess.


We are excited about this change and appreciate your flexibility while construction is taking place.


Thank you,


Tyler Salyer