Parent FAQs

Collierville Elementary School FAQs

Updated August4th

Will students have their temperature taken before coming into school?

All parents/caregivers are expected to conduct a daily wellness check for their child(ren) using the Collierville Schools Wellness Check Form. This form is to be completed at home and parents will not need to provide the school with a copy.

Nurses may perform student or staff temperature screenings at any time throughout the school day.

What if a student or teacher displays symptoms of COVID-19 or they have a positive diagnosis for COVID-19?

Collierville Schools will be releasing additional guidance and procedures this week. 

When will my child receive their device? Will they be able to take their device home?

We want all students to have their devices as soon as possible! We believe all students will have their device before the third week of school but are trying to get them out to students much sooner. Children who don't have a device will still have instruction provided on their at-home days before their device can be distributed. All students in grades K-5 will take their device home.

Will we still have Open House and Curriculum Night?

Based on Collierville Schools’ re-entry plan, large events will be held virtually.  Teachers are working on creating introductory videos and we will be creating a Virtual Open House video soon. Our anticipated date for our Virtual Open House is Thursday, August 20th.  

How long will dismissal take?

The safety of our students is our number one priority. As we work to dismiss our students while social distancing inside our building, we anticipate dismissal taking longer than a typical school year.

Will there be adjustments to the car rider line this year?

The Little Dragon family wants our students to dismiss as safely as possible. It is going to take some time for our students to get used to dismissing from school while social distancing. As a result, we will need as many staff as possible in the building supporting students as they learn our new procedures. Once our students understand the procedures for a safe dismissal, we will begin to look at how we can modify the way parents pick up their children in order to make dismissal more efficient. We anticipate if changes will be made, they will occur after Labor Day.

Important change in procedures; CES faculty will signal when it is clear for a child to exit/enter their car. The child will open and close their own car door.

I read parents may not come into the building for lunch and meetings will be held online. What if my child forgets something at home?

Parents dropping off items throughout the day, such as lunch boxes or tennis shoes will be able to drop them in the main foyer. Our staff will be sure to get these items to your child.


All visitors in the building must wear a mask at all times.  

Will children be provided with a mask?

Collierville Schools will provide one cloth mask for each student.  We will have additional disposable masks on hand while supplies last for children who may need a replacement mask during the day.

Will my child be able to eat breakfast?

Breakfast will be served daily and students will be able to eat in the cafeteria, following social distancing guidelines.

Will my child be able to bring a water bottle to school?

Families should provide their student(s) with a spill-proof water bottle from home. Please label the bottle with your child’s name. These water bottles can be refilled throughout the day with our NEW water bottle refill stations. However, our water fountains will be turned off.


What will class size be this year?  Will there be any adjustments to class size?


We will not know our class sizes until we know the number of families who opt for the Virtual Academy. We anticipate class sizes being between 14-18. 


How will we know who our child’s teacher is?


Homeroom teachers will reach out to parents during the week of August 10th to introduce themselves.


What if my child has a runny nose due to allergies, may he/she still come to school?


Yes. Please refer to the Collierville Schools Wellness Check Form for additional guidance.


Will children still have LAMPS classes?


Yes, students will have Library, Music, Art, P.E., and STEM classes this year. 


The latest update from Collierville Schools says that LAMPS classes will take place in the classroom. 


Will my child eat lunch in the classroom?


Our goal is to have all students eat in the cafeteria as soon as possible. However, the latest update from Collierville Schools says that all students will begin the year eating in their classroom. Students may still purchase lunch from the cafeteria.  Students will pre-order their lunch selection in the morning, choosing from two different entrees.  Students will receive their hot lunch in a pre-packaged container.


What will the classroom set-up look like?


Collierville Elementary School is unique in that our students typically sit at tables instead of desks. In order to provide a safe learning environment to all our students, Collierville Schools is bringing in desks from other Collierville schools and have also purchased Plexiglas dividers when tables are to be used.


Will students in 3-5 switch classes?


Students in grades 3-5 will remain with their homeroom class.  The team teachers will rotate into the classroom. 


Will students participating in the Virtual Academy still receive their special education services?


IEPs and 504s will be accommodated for both students who choose the traditional option and for students who are in the Virtual Academy.


Will students still have recess?


Yes! We understand the importance of children having recess.  While the playground equipment may not be used at this time, students will still be able to do fun activities students can do outside while maintaining social distancing.


We are also encouraging our teachers to take students for walks as the schedule and weather permits.


Will there be extra cleaning of the school?


Each classroom will be equipped with hand sanitizer, along with cleaning supplies and wipes that will be available when needed. All buildings will be cleaned on a daily basis and intermittently throughout the school day. Additional custodial staff will be on-site to focus on the sanitation of each school.


Will there be extra cleaning of the bathrooms?  Will bathroom breaks be restricted?


Custodial staff will clean/disinfect frequently touched surfaces.


Hand sanitizer will be in the classrooms. 


Kindergarten classrooms have sinks, paper towels, hand soap, and hand sanitizer.


Students may bring their own hand sanitizer to school. If students opt to bring their own hand sanitizer, it is recommended the hand sanitizer have a cap that can be securely closed.  Please send unscented hand sanitizers.  Some students and employees have allergies to the scented hand sanitizers.


Students will follow social distancing guidelines while using the restroom.


Classroom schedules will allow for specific designated times to perform student hand-washing.


How will my child find their classroom on the first day?


All of our LAMPS teachers, teacher assistants, specialty teachers, and administrators will help students find their classes during the first couple of days.  Please be assured we will make sure each child safely gets to their classroom.


Who is required to wear a mask?


All employees and all visitors on campus.


All students in grades K-12 are required to wear a face mask when 6-feet social distancing is not maintained.


Students will have designated break times where they will be socially distanced 6 feet and may remove their ask for a period of time. We realize some grade levels and students may need more frequent mask breaks.


Are Kindergarten parents able to walk their child to class?


Kindergarten parents will be able to walk their child to the classroom on their assigned staggered day.


I have questions about the Collierville Virtual Academy. Who should I contact?


Collierville Schools released additional information this week on the Virtual Academy and the district will continue to update information. Please direct any questions regarding the Virtual Academy to


What’s the difference between Remote Learning and the Collierville Virtual Academy?


The Collierville Virtual Academy is not a response to COVID-19 and is an academy the district plans to continue to offer to families even after the threat of COVID-19 has passed. It may be easiest to think of the Virtual Academy as the 10th school in the district. Remote Learning is for those students who selected the traditional in-person option and school is forced to close for various reasons.  The students engaged in Remote Learning will receive instruction from their current teacher via SeeSaw (k-2) or Schoology (3-5.


Will we have a bookstore this year?


In order to keep all kids socially distanced in the building, we will not have a bookstore this school year. However, students will be able to turn money in to their teacher or things like a chair bag.


Where can I get an amazing Collierville Elementary School mask for my child?


We’re glad you asked! Our PTA will be selling masks for students as part of their fall Dragon Wear. There will be an option for our virtual academy students as well. Information will be posted on our PTA’s Facebook page ( and will also come home with a child once the school year starts.   

Where can I pick up my child's yearbook that I purchased last school year?

Yearbooks can be picked up in the front office with Mrs. Felicia. 

Will my child have to pay a fee for their device?

In the 2020-2021 school year, all students will be taking devices home (either as part of the CVA or hybrid option).  As a result, the Technology Device Fee is required for all students.  The fee structure is $50 for one student, $75 for two students, and $100 for three or more students.  The district strongly encourages parents to pay this fee online.  This will minimize contact and maintain safe distancing.  This year, there will be no service charge for paying fees online.



Please note this information may change as new guidelines and information becomes available.


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions or concerns. I will continue to share information as it becomes available.  


Thank you,


Tyler Salyer